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Tanda-tanda rambut tidak sihat

Apabila kita borak mengenai rambut, ramai yang lebih risau mengenai masalah keguguran, bagaimana untuk menggayakan dan mencari warna sesuai apabila uban mula kelihatan. Namun menurut pakar, rambut mempunyai fungsi lebih daripada sekadar kosmetik atau membuatkan seseorang nampak menarik. Pada dasarnya, kesihatan rambut dan kulit kepala boleh menjadi panduan terbaik kepada pelbagai masalah kesihatan yang dihadapi pada ketika itu. Acap kali kita diberitahu rambut hanyalah sel protein yang sudah mati. Biarpun begitu, ia mampu menjadi panduan kepada keadaan kesihatan kita. Ini kerana masalah dalam tubuh akan memberi kesan secara langsung kepada penampilan rambut dan ia boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar.  1. Rambut kering, tidak bermaya dan nipis Banyak faktor yang menjurus kepada masalah rambut kering antaranya pewarna, pengering rambut dan berenang dalam air klorin. Bagaimanapun, perubahan ketara pada tekstur rambut boleh menunjukkan terdapat masalah tiroid kurang aktif dikenali sebagai hipo

5 Easy hair hacks every guy should try

Everyone has bad hair days, you know when your hair doesn’t style the way you want them to be but what if those hair days were to be numbered now that is where hair hacks come in. Hair ‘hacks’ are tricks that can be used to get your hair to be healthy, smooth and manageable. These are some hair hacks for you that would get you the perfect hair: 1. Ditch shiny hair products These products make your hair look greasy, thin and too shiny, instead, use matte products to absorb light which makes hair look thicker. More volume leads to a better hairstyle. 2. Wash Out Hair Product Get the waxes and non-water based hair products out of your hair using shampoo prior to wetting hair. Once it’s distributed, rinse and shampoo again (with half as much shampoo). Rinse. 3. Change Your Hair Drying Technique Don’t aggressively dry your hair which risks damaging your hair. Don’t just take a towel and rub it aggressively on your head, instead, pat and move which is more gentle. 4. Maintain Hair Hold Let’s

How to apply beard oil the right way in 6 easy steps

Let’s put our cards on the table right from the start – you need beard oil. Your beard needs beard oil. Beard oil does so much after all. It moisturizes and conditions. It stops itching and prevents bearddruff. It makes your beard easier to style. It makes your beard look good. While there’s nothing overly complicated about how to use beard oil, there is a right way and a wrong way, as with almost anything. Let’s take a look at applying beard oil while briefly touching on its benefits and how it differs from other beard products, such as beard balm and wax. How to Apply Beard Oil in 6 Easy Steps  (A simple, illustrated guide) 1. When Should You Apply it? The best time to apply beard oil is right after you get out of the shower. Your beard will be its cleanest and the pores of your skin will have opened up nicely. Gently towel dry your beard before applying oil but leave it slightly damp. You don’t want to apply oil when your beard is too wet. 2. Getting Started: How Much Should You Use


Can the wrong brush be responsible for a bad hair day or damaged locks? Experts say that using the right hairbrush for your hair type, texture and style can be the difference between good and poor hair health. A trip down the drugstore hair aisle will reveal a mountain of brush varieties, but finding the right one can be a difficult task. Luckily, TODAY has done the legwork for you to identify the most common hairbrushes. We asked professional hairstylists to break it down to the basics. Find your perfect match with our easy guide — you might be surprised by some of the recommendations! THE BEST HAIRBRUSH FOR LONG HAIR TODAY that nothing gets the job done for our long-haired sisters quite like a handy paddle brush. If you like to flip your hair upside down to blow-dry or brush your hair, the paddle will help distribute your natural oils — which professional calls “God-given conditioner” — throughout your strands. 1.  WET BRUSH PRO PADDLE HAIRBRUSH. Claims to easily glide through dry an

How to regrow hair naturally at home - tips

Spotting a bunch of hair strands on your pillow or your shower drain every other day is not a pretty sight. It is embarrassing and can really bring you down. Excessive hair fall is a serious hair issue and if not paid attention to, sooner, can lead to thinning and balding.  Now, no woman wants that, same goes to man. You can become a victim of hair loss due to a number of reasons such as stress, hereditary factors, excessive use of heat tools and hair treatments, medical conditions and even wrong hair products that don’t suit your hair type. Once you start losing your hair, especially if at an early age, it can affect your mental health and deter your self-confidence too. But, what if you could regrow your hair, fortunately? IS IT POSSIBLE TO REGROW HAIR? Yes, you can grow your hair if your follicles are still alive and intact. You could regrow hair unless your hair follicles aren't dead. It depends on how you treat it and you take care of it. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE? There are lots of

30 Easy Yet Effective Hair Care Tips For Men

Getting fluffy and bouncy hair is every man's dream which can be easily attained if proper hair care tips are followed. If in search of some simple hair care tips than have definitely landed on the right blog. Here are 30 easy yet effective hair care tips for men. HERE ARE SOME HAIR CARE TIPS MEN SHOULD FOLLOW : 1. Use good quality hair products to avoid any future hair damage. 2. Hair oiling a must after a regular interval to maintain its moisture. 3. Don't shampoo hair more often as this can strip off the natural oil from the hair. 4. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow which results in quick hair growth. 5. Avoid using heat on hair as it can damage the hair quality. 6. Frequent haircuts are must to boost the hair growth as well as improve the hair quality. 7. Be gentle with the hair while drying or styling it. 8. Maintain balanced diet to get healthy and shiny hair. 9. Go for those haircuts that suit the face shape. 10. Getting enough sleep is a must. HAIR CARE TIPS

Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Men

Hair is a very important part of the human body which has a great cosmetic and emotional value. It plays a very big role in creating the look of the person, personality and overall presentation of an individual. With a beautiful and healthy looking hair, a person, whether male or female can transform his or her entire look and personality with a huge boost in the confidence level. But, hair loss is the most common problem faced by people, whether men or women in today’s world. In order to protect hair and prevent it from damage and loss one should know a few facts about the hair. A healthy person has more than 10,000 hairs on the head alone. Each hair strand goes through 3 phases. First is growing phase, then resting phase and the last phase is the falling out phase. In growing phase hair keeps on growing to a particular length. After some time it stops growing and remains as it is. This is the second phase i.e. resting phase. Lastly, after some time it falls off and makes a way for a

10 Best overnight hair care tips to get healthy hair in sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for a healthy mind and body. Besides keeping the mind healthy it also plays a major role in keeping your skin and hair at its best. So next time you get your beauty sleep, treat your hair at the same time with these amazing top 10 hair care tips and tricks to wake up to healthy and gorgeous hair. ESSENTIAL OIL for healthy hair – Essential oils not only help to treat hair problems but also is a great natural remedy to treat sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety. Essential oils increases circulation promotes new hair growth and helps to balance natural oil production of the scalp. Add 10+ drops of lavender oil to 1 cup of filtered water and shake well. Mist it on your hair before you go to bed as well as on the pillow to help you fall asleep. Lavender oil calms your mind for a good nights sleep as well as has hair growth boosting properties.                                              OVERNIGHT HAIR CONDITIONER for shiny hair  Apply your favorite leav